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Sóller is a Spanish municipality and town in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands , located on the northwest coast of the Sierra de Tramontana region , Majorca . The municipal term comprises four nuclei: Sóller, Puerto de Sóller , L'Horta and Biniaraix .

The municipality of Sóller borders Buñola , Deyá , Fornaluch and Escorca .

Vestiges of the Talayotic culture have been found in Muleta, dating back to a time between 5200 BC. C. and 2700 a. C. In the Museum of Mallorca there are three bronze statues found in the Red Rock ( 4th - 3rd centuries BC) of a warlike divinity from Balearic prehistory .

On May 11, 1561, a coalition of Algerian corsairs commanded by Uchali and Iusuf-Arrais formed a very powerful squadron with twenty-two galleons to attack Majorca.

This armada, before arriving in Majorca, stopped in Ibiza to supply itself with water. This meant that the Mallorcans received notice that the attack would begin in Sóller, so the captain general of Mallorca, Guillem de Rocafull , sent a notice to the captain of Sóller, Joan Angelats , and to Buñola , Santa María and Alaró so that they could give their aid. [ citation needed ]

The Majorcans left for the Camp de s'Oca, in the direction of Puerto de Sóller. Some 1,600 corsairs disembarked without the land guards noticing. The invaders divided into two groups: while one went directly towards the port, the other made a detour and attacked Sóller from the north, obtaining a large booty. The Sollerics, who had left for the port, found themselves between two fires, deciding to attack the corsair group that was in the port. Once the port was retaken, they decided to wait for the second group to return loaded with the loot, women and children that they intended to take as slaves. When the corsairs felt they were in danger, they killed many prisoners, for which they were pursued by the Mallorcans to the cliffs. Two facts should be noted:Philip II . These facts are remembered every year at a party in May.

Due to the corsairs, from the 16th century , the Torre Picada and the castle of Puerto De Sóller were built . A part of the town was also fortified, although of this last work only a piece of wall remains next to the parish church.

Sóller experienced significant emigration between the late 19th and early 20th centuries to Puerto Rico and France but also to Belgium , Germany , Luxembourg and Switzerland . 1 2 Emigrants participated in the settlement of French Algeria . Former French interior minister Christophe Castaner has roots in Sóller. 3

In 1912, the Palma railway opened up the town and facilitated trade.

In 1997, the opening of the tunnel drilled on the road from Palma to Sóller further opened up the town; its use is free since 2018.

The municipality has an area of ​​42.80 km 2 . 4 In 2022 it had a population of 13,454 inhabitants 5 and a density of 314.34 inhab/km 2