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City of Manchester

Motto : Concilio Et Labore
Latin : "Let yourself be advised and work"
Manchester is located in EnglandManchesterManchester
Location of Manchester in England
Manchester is located in Greater ManchesterManchesterManchester
Location of Manchester in Greater Manchester
coordinates 53°28′00″N 2°14′00″W
Entity City
• Country United kingdom flag United Kingdom
• Nation England flag England
• County Greater Manchester
Mayoress Yasmine Dar ( LAB )
Historical events
• Foundation 1st century
• Total 115,6 km² View and modify data in Wikidata
• Media 38 m s. n. m.
Population (2018)
• Total 547 627 method.
• Density 4737.26 hab/km²
• Urban 2 705 000 ways.
• Metropolitan 3 348 274 ways.
Demonym Mancuniano, na1​
Time zone UTC±00:00
Postal Code M
Telephone prefix 0161
Official Web site
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Manchester 2 ( English : Manchester ) is a city and metropolitan borough in the county of Greater Manchester in England , United Kingdom . It gained its city status in 1890 and had a population of approximately 530,300 in 2015 with an urban population of 3.2 million. 3 In turn, it is part of the third largest urban agglomeration in the United Kingdom, after London and Birmingham .

Manchester is a major arts, financial, media and higher education center. In a survey of British business leaders published in 2006, Manchester was ranked as the best place in the UK to set up a business. A report commissioned by the Manchester Association, published in 2007, listed Manchester as the "fastest growing economic city". It is the third most visited city in the United Kingdom by foreign tourists. Manchester hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and is home to two Premier League football teams , Manchester United and Manchester City .

Historically most of the town was part of the county of Lancashire , with the areas located south of the River Mersey in the county of Cheshire . Manchester was the world's first industrialized city and played a central role during the Industrial Revolution . It became the leading international center for cotton spinning and textile manufacturing. During the 19th century it acquired the nickname "Cottonopolis", suggesting that it was a metropolis of cotton mills. The city center is on a provisional list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, mainly due to the network of canals and mills built during the 18th and 19th centuries .

The name Manchester originates from the ancient Roman name Mamucium , the name of the Roman fortress and settlement. It is generally thought to be a Latinization of a name of Celtic origin (possibly meaning "breast hill " , mamm ; in Spanish "mama or chest") and Old English ceaster meaning "town" and derived from Latin Castrum . An alternative theory suggests that it is Brythonic : mamma would mean "mother", in reference to a goddess of the Medlock River , which flows through the city. Mam means "woman's breasts" in Irish and mother in Welsh..

In the 14th century it was home to a community of Flemish wool merchants who settled to produce wool and linen , starting the export tradition.

Manchester became a small merchant town until the Industrial Revolution , which began in the 18th century . The humid climate made it ideal in the United Kingdom . Today the Trafford Park area, southwest of the city, remains one of the largest industrial areas in the world, with the headquarters of the Kelloggs Company Europe, Rolls Royce , and Manchester United Football Club . Trafford Park was also the first site outside of America to produce the Ford Model T , in 1911 .

Manchester's population skyrocketed with the rural exodus to industry. The growth was aided by the close proximity to the port of Liverpool . To expedite the arrival of coal , cotton and other raw materials from Liverpool to Manchester, the Bridgewater Canal (the Duke of Bridgewater's canal) was built in 1761 to connect the two cities. Years later, the George Stephenson firm built the world's first railway line, between Manchester and Liverpool . In 1894 , Queen Victoria opened the Manchester Sea Canal., which made Manchester a seaport, in practical terms.

The Metrolink tram runs through the center of Manchester.
The city of Manchester became the first industrial city in the world, and an example - in good and bad - for the entire Western world.

The proximity of the city to Liverpool and the similar size that both have is the cause of great rivalry, which has not always been friendly.

At 11:20am on Saturday 15 June 1996 the IRA detonated a large explosive charge in the center of the city, just as the Euros were being held . As a result of the damage caused to the Arndale Center and buildings near Victoria Station, the urban center has been regenerated with complexes such as Printworks and the Triangle, creating extensive shopping and recreational areas.

In 2002 , Manchester hosted the XVII edition of the Commonwealth Games with great success, after failing to achieve the 1996 Olympic Games , which were held in Atlanta , United States , and the 2000 Olympic Games , held in Sydney , Australia .

On May 22, 2017, he suffered a terrorist attack during the concert of the singer Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena with a balance of 22 people dead and 116 injured, most of them adolescents or children. The attack was organized by the Islamic State terrorist group , also known as ISIS .

Significance in the industrial revolution
Manchester was a model to follow in the days of the new industrial cities. This small town had the advantage of having water power and also access to the sea at Liverpool.

Several writers went to Manchester but mainly a French writer named Alexis de Tocqueville (1835) was recognized, who said a well-known phrase: "pure gold flows from this dirty pipe". This sentence represents that Manchester is a small and not very attractive town, but it shows that even if it is not very attractive, it produces appreciable elements. In fact, it came to demonstrate the worst and best part of the industrial revolution since several employees of factories and companies were fired and exchanged for machines and also the good part because it demonstrated well to those of the middle class and the owners of mills what was could achieve and how far one could progress financially.

Also at that time children and adults worked almost like slaves, until after a while this changed, since the workers' struggle limited the hours of work and raised the age necessary to start working. The rights of the people began to be enforced, but even so, due to all the industries and pollution, the environment in that area suffered several serious damages.


View of the City Hall .
Manchester is represented at two levels of government, Manchester City Council ("local" level) and the British Parliament ("national" level). Greater Manchester County Council was abolished in 1986, so the city council is actually a unitary authority . Since its creation in 1995, Manchester has been a member of the Major English Cities Group , 4 which, among other things, serves to promote the city's social, cultural and economic status internationally.

City status was granted to Manchester in a charter by Thomas Grelley in 1301 but it lost its borough status in a court case of 1359. Until the 19th century , local government was provided by manorial courts, the last of which ended in 1846. 5

In 1885 Bradford, Harpurhey, Rusholme and parts of Moss Side and Withington townships became part of the City of Manchester. In 1889 the city became the 'county borough' of Manchester, self-governing from Lancashire control . Between 1890 and 1933, more areas were added to Manchester from Lancashire, including the towns of Burnage, Chorlton, Didsbury , Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Longsight and Withington. In 1974, by the Local Government Act 1972 , the City of Manchester became a distinct administrative division within Greater Manchester County . That year, Ringway, the town where Manchester airport is located, was added to the city.

The city of Manchester is located 257 km northwest of London . It is bordered to the north and east by the foothills of the Pennines , a mountain range that runs the length of northern England, and to the south by the Cheshire Plain . The city center lies on the eastern bank of the River Irwell, near its confluence with the River Black and the River Irk, with relatively low land between 35 and 42 m asl . 6 The River Merseyit flows through south Manchester. Much of the city centre, especially in the south, is flat, offering extensive views of the high-rise buildings and many of the often snow-covered slopes and moors of the Pennines in the winter months . Manchester's geographical features were highly influential in its early development as the world's first industrial city; these features are its climate, its proximity to a seaport such as Liverpool , the availability of hydraulic power from its river water, and its nearby coal reserves. 7

Manchester has a temperate maritime climate , like much of the British Isles , with hot summers and cold winters. There is light but regular precipitation throughout the year. The city's average annual precipitation is 806.6 millimeters 8 compared to the UK average of 1,125.0 millimeters, 9 and its average rainy days per year is 142.9, 8 compared to the UK average. UK 154.4. 9 Manchester, however, has a relatively high level of humidity and this, together with the abundant supply of softeners, was one of the factors that led to the location of the textile industry in the area. 10 Snowfalls are very infrequent in the city, due to the effect of urban warming . However, the Pennine foothills and Rossendale Forest, which surround the city to the east and north, receive some precipitation in the form of snow and roads leading out of the city can sometimes be closed. due to snow, 11 especially the A62 through Oldham and Standedge , the A57 (known as Snake Pass) towards Sheffield 12 and the M62 over Saddleworth Moor.