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Deyá 1 ​2​ (in Catalan and officially Deià ) is a Spanish town and municipality in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands . Located in the Sierra de Tramontana region , on the island of Majorca . It limits with the municipalities of Valdemosa , Sóller and Buñola .

The town of Deyá is channeled between the Tramontana mountains that give way to the Mediterranean Sea . The architecture is made up of traditional farms built in stone. It covers five kilometers of coastline, and includes the points of Sa Foradada and Deyá, Cala de Deyá and the small cove of Lluch Alcari . The village is built on a hill located in a valley of the Sierra. The Puig del Teix towers over the valley. The Sierra de Tramontana is covered by an extensive network of trails used by charcoal makers when working in the forests.


Deya Town Hall
Despite the fact that the area was inhabited long before, the shape of Deyá, as we know it today, dates back to the Muslim occupation, between the 10th and 13th centuries, when its inhabitants began the construction of terraces and irrigation systems that led to to successful agricultural development in the area. After the Muslims were defeated by the Christians in the 13th century , the town was given to Rossell, as part of neighboring Valdemosa, from which it did not become independent until the 16th century .

The English poet, novelist, and scholar, Robert Graves , was one of the first foreigners to settle in the town, where he collaborated with Laura Riding in setting up the Seizin Press. Graves returned after the war and remained in Deya until his last days. He used Deya as the setting for many of his stories, such as the historical novel Hercules, my traveling companion . His house is now a museum. In the 1970s , Deyá became famous and tourism was booming, but it always kept its calm and charming atmosphere. For this reason, it has become a destination for many people and celebrities attracted by its charm.

The surrealist painter Esteban Francés , who died in the town, was another illustrious resident.

Art and culture

Cala Deya.
Apart from its exceptional setting, Deyá has several interesting museums, such as the Archaeological Museum, the museum dedicated to the painter Norman Yanikun, the Parish Museum, the Robert Graves House Museum and the Son Marroig Museum, the huge estate of Archduke Luis Salvador. Every year, lovers of classical music can enjoy the award-winning International Festival of Deyà.

Artists choose Deyá to live a life full of beauty and inspiration; Deyá has fulfilled this lifestyle for many exceptionally talented artists. Since the 1960s and 1970s artists have flocked to Deyá and incredible works of art and legends have been created ever since.