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Costitx 1 ​2​ or Costich is a Spanish town and municipality in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands . Located in the center of the island of Mallorca , northwest of the capital, it is one of the smallest and least populated on the Balearic island and is part of the Llano de Mallorca region . It limits with Sancellas , Lloret de Vista Alegre , Sinéu and Inca .

In its municipality is Son Corró , a Talayotic sanctuary where the famous Costitx bulls (in Majorcan , caps de bou ) were found , some large bronze bull heads, today preserved for their high archaeological and symbolic value in the Museum National Archaeological of Madrid . Centuries later it was a Muslim farmhouse in the district of Qanarûsha and in the partition after the conquest of the island by the Crown of Aragon it was handed over to William II of Béarn .

This municipality was segregated in 1855 from that of Sancellas .

The municipality has an area of ​​15.37 km 2 . 3 In 2022 it had a population of 1,446 inhabitants 4 and a density of 94.07 inhab/km 2 .