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Andratx (Catalan pronunciation: [ənˈdɾatʃ]) is a municipality on Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands, along the Mediterranean east coast of Spain. It is located on the southwest tip of the island.

Port d'Andratx, located a few miles south of Andratx, is an exclusive resort.

The town of Andratx is ancient and until recently[when?] was mainly inhabited by local Majorcan people.[citation needed] The area was occupied by the Romans,[2] who called the town Andrachium, in the 2nd century BC and pottery and coins found there give evidence of this.[3] The town was built inland from the coast as a precaution against the constant threat of raids from Barbary pirates.[2] In the 16th century a system of observation towers was erected on the island as a means of protection against pirates. From 14 towers in the municipalities of Andratx and Calvià, 12 still exist. The municipality also includes the towns of Port d'Andratx, Sa Coma, S'Arracó, Sant Elm and Camp de Mar. It also includes the uninhabited islet Sa Dragonera.

The municipality has undergone a transformation since 2004,[citation needed] following the input of EU finance which has resulted in a facelift for the town and also brought in foreign investment.

Andratx municipality is located in the southwestern corner of the Sierra de Tramontana, the most significant mountains of the island of Majorca.

In the southern part are a number of valleys, which are the most densely populated areas. The northern part of the municipality is mountainous and rugged, and is virtually uninhabited. The highest point is at 927 metres.

Off the coast of the municipality is the islet of Sa Dragonera, declared a Natural Park in 1995. It can be accessed by sea from Puerto de Andratx or Sant Elm.