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Alaró is a locality and Spanish municipality located in the western part of Mallorca , in the Balearic Islands . It borders the municipalities of Consell , Binisalem , Lloseta , Mancor del Valle , Escorca , Buñola and Santa María del Camino .

Its origin dates back to Islamic times , in the farmhouse of Oloron . The documented history begins in the 13th century , during the reconquest of Majorca , with its castle being the center of it. During the Aragonese occupation of the Kingdom of Mallorca , its Muslim inhabitants resisted in the Castle of Alaró —one of the only rock castles in Mallorca—, this being one of the last places where the Christian reconquest arrived on the islands.

Pico de Alaró and Pico de Alcadena, in the Sierra de Tramontana .
The Mallorcan nobles Guillermo Cabrit and Guillermo Bassa, after being captured, were sentenced to die roasted over hot coals by King Alfonso III of Aragon , as indicated by the surname of one of the defenders of the castle, who during the resistance had not recognized as king to the invader of the Mallorcan kingdom, remaining loyal to their King Jaime .

Alaró Railway
In 1880 , Jaime Comes Frau and José Sureda Villalonga, two citizens of Alaró, obtained the concession for a railway line that, managed by the Alaró Railway Company, linked the town with the Palma-Inca railway station , located in the place of Consell (at that time dependent on the town of Alaró). Until 1922 , the year in which two gasoline locomotives (baptized with the names of San Cabrit and San Bassa) were acquired, the railway traction was carried out by mules in an upward direction and by simple gravity in a downward direction. The railway worked until 1934 . Between the yearsNew tracks were installed in 1944 and 1945 , these being used by Ferrocarriles de Mallorca to transport lignite between the mines and the Consell station until 1951 , the year in which they were finally built.

First town with electricity in Mallorca
It should also be noted that it was the first municipality in Mallorca to have an urban electricity distribution network . The inauguration of the electrical network in the town took place on August 15 , 1901 , coinciding with the first patron saint festivals of the municipality in the 20th century . According to the chronicles, the town dressed up and there was a large influx of visitors from all over the island, eager to taste the prodigy that this energy offered. Currently, the distribution is unified with the rest of the island; but as a sign of the importance that that first distribution network had for the island of Mallorca, on May 8 , 2000 , theThe Island Council of Mallorca declared the tower of the old electricity factory in Alaró an Asset of Cultural Interest , with the category of monument. This tower was restored by the town council in 2001 as part of the celebration of one hundred years of electricity in Alaró and Mallorca.